National Action Plan


Launched: 2015 Expires: 2018
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  • Second NAP in South America.
  • Led by Ministry of Women, in coordination with the Ministries of National Defense, International Relations, and Interior, as well as the head of the Armed Forces.
  • Includes matrix outlining NAP objectives, actions, responsible entities, and in what year of implementation activities take place.
  • Stipulates that a Technical Inter-institutional Committee comprised of two representatives from each Council organization will coordinate with civil society to monitor the NAP.


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Information & Analysis

Comunicando en Igualdad

Avances en la implementación de la resolución 1325 en Paraguay

This article summarizes an October 2013 internal coordination meeting held between María Gloria Báez, Director of International Relations within Paraguay's Ministry for Women, and two vice-ministers on next steps related to an ongoing UN Security Council Resolution 1325 implementation project. Among other key outcomes, the project ed to the formation of an inter-agency team which had signed off on a UNSCR 1325 national action plan a few months prior.

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