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Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre

Advancing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: 2015 and Beyond

This expert analysis evaluates the UN’s focus on women, peace and security using Resolution 2122—aimed at strengthening women’s participation in all aspects of conflict resolution—as a guide. It also looks ahead to the October 2015 High-Level Review that will mark the 15th anniversary of UNSCR 1325, which both civil society and UN organizations will find interesting.

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Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre

Advancing the UN’s Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Political Challenges and Opportunities

In 2010, the UN adopted its Seven-Point Action Plan on Gender-Responsive Peacebuilding as a blueprint for promoting the women, peace, and security agenda. Progress on this plan has been slow, and it has failed to accomplish its primary objective: integrating women’s participation into headquarter and field working procedures. This brief report is designed for UN member states and outlines four ways in which they can support the Action Plan’s implementation.

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Women's Policy Journal of Harvard

Benefits of a National Action Plan (NAP) to Implement UNSCR 1325 for the U.S.

This article from the 2012 Women’s Policy Journal of Harvard outlines why launching a national action plan will benefit the US, using government data on hiring trends and assessing the number of women working at the Senior Executive Service level within the Departments of State and Defense.

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